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Executive Summary

United States Clean Energy Plan was developed with support from the Association of Energy Engineers Chicago Chapter members. America achieves Clean Energy & Energy Independence in ten to fifteen years. To implement, government, academic, and business leaders work collegiately together as they did for implementing of the Internet. Coal, oil, biomass, & natural gas are used for producing consumer & industrial products rather than burning them & destroying our environment.

Clean Energy is accomplished by building factories to manufacture 500 Clean Breeder Power Plants in assembly lines like Boeing manufactures airplanes. A Power Plant generates 10 billion kilowatts hours of electricity. At 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, the annual revenues are $1 billion per power plant or $500 billion for 500 power plants. Energy from the power plants is used by oil refineries to make petrochemical and manufacture consumer products. After meeting the America's energy needs, 100 power plants per year are exported, which improves U.S. Trade Balance by $100 billion per year. Since sources of clean energy are used, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 2 billion tons per year. Approximately 2 million jobs are created.

Energy Independence is accomplished by upgrading factories to manufacture energy efficient cars, trucks, busses, trains, ships, and airplanes. Old cars are replaced with electric vehicles. Electric vehicle can be charged at home for $5 per week rather than $50 per week for gasoline at service stations. Oil refineries are converted to coal refineries for making petrochemicals. Public transportation systems use clean energy. Airplanes use milligrams rather than thousands of tons of fuel. Millions of people will travel in spacecraft into space in minutes, Moon in hours & Mars in days. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 2.5 billion tons per year. The annual savings are over $400 billion per year. About 8 million jobs are created.

The synergistic effects of the advanced technology increases America's Gross National Product from $17 to $34 trillion. See Forbes Article Americas-Missing-Wealth. With fiscal restraints and financial planning, the federal, state, and municipal debts and deficits could be eliminated. Social Security and pensions could become solvent. The individual per capita Income increases from $54,000 to $100,000. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced from 5.5 to 1 billion tons. An estimated 10 million jobs are created.

By implementing the World Clean Energy Plan, every country is brought into the 21st century by supplying 10 billion people with clean, efficient energy by 2050. Coal, oil, biomass, & natural gas are used for making consumer & industrial products rather than burning them & destroying the Earth's environment.

Manufacturing facilities will assemble 10,000 clean power plants that generate electricity, make petrochemicals from coal, biomass, & oil, manufacture consumer & industrial products, desalt seawater for domestic drinking water and irrigating crops, and split water directly into hydrogen & oxygen for industrial applications. Other clean energy sources are hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, wind, and mirror energy. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced in half.

If World government, business, and academic leaders work collegiately together like they did for implementing the Internet, the Global Economy grows to over $1,000 trillion in 35 years; and the Space Economy grows to over $50 trillion. However, the real benefits come from taking billions of people out of poverty, providing them the opportunity to have a world-class education, and empowering them to fulfill their dreams.

The question for politicians, government, academic, & business leaders is:
Do you support implementing a World Clean Energy Plan to bring every country
into 21st century or destroying the Earth's environment?"

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